How to Use the ONEder Cover

Want to know how to use the ONEder Cover 6+ ways, from birth through childhood and beyond? Here's your guide!

The patent-pending design of the ONEder cover allows it to convert to

  • breastfeeding cover
  • burp cloth
  • bib
  • blanket
  • smock
  • seat cover
  • and more!

The front of the cover is soft 100% cotton fabric in fashionable designs. The back is ultra plush and super absorbent cotton velour. The velour will quickly absorb any drips or messes, plus it’s luxuriously soft and gentle against baby’s skin.

Video Demos

Watch the ONEder Cover convert between uses!

NINE different ways to use it as a nursing cover.


Nursing Cover

As a nursing cover, the ONEder Cover can be configured different ways, so you can find the way best for you! It attaches around your neck in a snap--literally! A single snap secures it around your neck so there are no buckles to fiddle with. The snaps on the body of the cover connect to create a hole for viewing your baby’s face, while the rest of the fabric mainly covers what you want covered most--YOU!

When your shirt is pulled down, the wide shoulders of the cover keep your chest from being exposed.


Since the cover is mostly around you and the window opening around her face allows airflow, no more sweaty babies under blankets!


And for those babies who simply don’t want ANYTHING on them while they nurse, you can turn the cover to the side, so that the long end drapes over your shoulder. The perfectly placed cut out will allow your baby access to your nipple while keeping the other parts of your chest covered. If your baby pulls off, it’s easy to use the extra fabric draped over your shoulder to quickly cover up

Burp Cloth

When you’re ready to burp your baby you don’t have to reach into your bag! The cover functions as a burp cloth two ways. With the over-the-shoulder method, simply snap the bottom of the cover to the snaps at the top of the arm and turn the cover so it’s draped over your shoulder. To burp your baby in your lap, unsnap the cover from your neck and drape it around baby’s neck with the velour side of the cover up. The super absorbent cotton velour will drape across baby’s lap to protect her clothing and your own.

Infant and Toddler Bib

To convert the ONEder Cover to a bib, snap the left and right sides of the bottom of the cover together to create a sleeve, and then simply roll it up until it’s the right length for your baby. Roll it all the way up to catch drool on little babies and roll it up less to create a pocket for catching fallen food from messy toddlers’ mouths.

Wearable Blanket

The ONEder Cover is also a wearable blanket for stroller rides or when being held. Fasten it around your baby’s neck for a blanket that will keep her covered from shoulders to toes and won’t fall to the ground when she’s passed from person to person or riding in the stroller.

Smock for Toddlers, Children, and Adults

The ONEder Cover is a universal smock for toddlers, children and adults.

  • Put it on your toddler during messy sensory play.
  • Have your child wear it while she helps you bake some cupcakes.
  • Keep it handy to protect your kids’ nice clothes before you get to church, a wedding, or a holiday party.
  • Wear it in the morning so your baby doesn’t get your work clothes dirty before you get out the door.
  • Wear the velour side up while baby sleeps on your chest for a super cuddly surface that catches drool so your shirt doesn’t.

Seat Cover

The ONEder Cover is a seat cover, too! Whether you want to protect your baby’s skin from a hot, dirty, or hard surface, or you want to protect the seat from diaper blowouts, the ONEder Cover will help you keep your baby secure and comfortable. Just turn the cover upside down. The neck hole becomes a pass-through for the bar or buckle that goes between baby’s legs so you can still fasten her in.

Can you think of more uses for the ONEder Cover? Try it out and see!