The Original ONEder Cover

The all-in-one cover to have on hand from birth through childhood.

If you're breastfeeding:

  • its unique shape and strategically placed snaps gives you more coverage options
  • it can cover you WITHOUT covering your baby
  • the built-in absorbency is a life saver for moms who leak a lot or have overactive let down. No more milk-stained shirts!

If you're not breastfeeding:

  • it's a burp cloth that won't fall off your shoulder
  • it's a full-coverage bib with snap-up pocket for messy eaters size 6 months to adult
  • snap it on baby in the stroller for a wearable baby blanket that won't get kicked to the ground
  • snap it around the handle of your infant carrier car seat for a sun shade
  • use it as a smock for potentially messy art projects
  • wear it to pick up baby out of the bathtub (No more awkward towel transfers!)
  • put it on car sick kids during car rides
  • and more!

CLICK HERE to see more about how to use it.