Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt (PDF printable)
Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt (PDF printable)

Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt (PDF printable)

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Looking for a unique and fun baby shower game that will get people mingling? The Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt is perfect for encouraging conversation between all guests.


It's a welcome alternative to the stereotypical baby shower games and can be played while guests mingle, visit with the mother-to-be and watch her open gifts. 


The game sheet includes a list of people and things to seek and find at the baby shower.

Guests write the name of the found person or object on each line until they've found them all.

The person who finds the most by the time all the gifts are unwrapped (or the baby shower is over) wins a prize!


  • Find someone who was born in the same month as baby's due date.
  • Write the title of a children's book in the room.
  • Identify a phrase on a onesie. 
  • Find someone who has been to another baby shower this year.

This seek-and-find game does not require any special set up. All the objects to find are likely to be in the room either among the gifts or decorations!  

The printable includes THREE different playing sheets to choose from based on the expected guest list, including an object-only playing sheet for parties with shorter guest lists. 


This printable 8.5" x 11" PDF is easy to print off on any home printer so you can check one more thing off your to do list! Just print and play!